Why Every Christian Needs to Visit Israel


For many, traveling is purely a leisure activity, but for Christians, it is also an opportunity to deepen their faith. And no other country in the world may be as significant to Christianity as Israel is.

If the scriptures are not enough to convince you, here are the reasons Israel is a must-visit for every Christian.

Retrace the steps of Christ

You shall be walking where Jesus Himself had walked thousands of years ago. You can join Israel tours that take you to the places in the Gospel accounts of His ministry, including Jerusalem, Nazareth, the Sea of Galilee, the Mount of Olives, the site of His baptism by John the Baptist, and the Garden tomb where Jesus is said to have been buried.

You will experience the Biblical narrative with your very eyes and feet while traversing the towns of Galilee, where Jesus preached and performed miracles. Go to the Mount of Beatitudes to study His words, and imagine yourself listening to the Messiah give the Sermon on the Mount. Reflect on His sacrifices as you make your way through the streets of Jerusalem. By visiting where Jesus was born, baptized, preached, and was crucified, you will certainly gain a more profound understanding of your faith.

Meet the true Jesus

We would like to think that we are able to read and interpret the Bible as it is intended, but we tend to be highly influenced by our backgrounds and surroundings, and only understand the Scriptures within the context of our own culture. This is the same reason why European art depicted Jesus as a white man, with blond hair, blue eyes, and a fair complexion, for most of history.

When you study the words and life of Jesus in Israel, you will see Him in the correct cultural and religious light. He was the Jewish Messiah sent to herd the lost sheep of Israel, and one could not fully understand His lifestyle, parables, and teachings without knowing the Hebraic context in His ministry.

Experience a modern miracle

The very existence of Israel is a modern miracle in itself. In barely seven decades out of the Holocaust’s ashes and the desert sands, the Israeli people have built a prosperous country that is at the forefront of technology, science, medicine, agriculture, and security. 

Tel Aviv, in particular, is among the best cities in the Mediterranean and the Middle East, and possibly in the entire world. It has a vibrant nightlife, a thriving foodie scene, and tasteful style that makes you rethink fashion.

Along with their miraculous progress, you can tell that the entire country and its people are making the world a better and safer place.

Israel is safe for tourists

You may be reluctant about visiting Israel because you think it is a chaotic place where conflicts are ongoing 24/7. While that could be the case in some parts, you will be safe there. Israel considers tourists as if they are their own citizens, so you can rest assured that your safety is their utmost priority. Every site and location you will visit is controlled and well-guarded to ensure that all visitors are going to get the best out of their tours without much worry.

However, the dangers that tourists face anywhere abroad are still present in Israel. You should still look after your belongings closely and remain vigilant, like in any unfamiliar place you visit.

Our faith started in Israel. As Christians, we should always strive to connect deeper with our faith, and where else can we do that better than in the Holy Land?

Meta Title: Every Christian Should Take a Leap of Faith to Israel

Meta Description: Aside from a leisure activity, traveling can also help you deepen your faith. As a Christian, Israel is a country that you should visit, and this is why.




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