How to Get Involved in the World of Marine Conservation


Let’s get involved in it!

Rob Stewart said once;

‘’Conservation is the preservation of life on Earth, & that, above all else, is worth fighting for.’’

The increasing human population and our wasteful practices, the ocean is appearing so vulnerable to harm by our activities and marine life is at serious risk.

Why do Oceans need to be protected?

Let’s be realistic!

We need food to eat, air to breathe, water to drink, medicines for illness, home to live, climate, beauty, recreations, inspiration and a lot more. But have we ever thought we also need a better future for our kids and for those whom we care about most? For their survival and burgeon, healthy oceans are our biggest need.

Oceans are the largest ecosystem on Earth and undoubtedly these are the support system of this planet. The diversity and productivity of the ocean, are the biggest supports to the security, economy, and survival of humankind. From generating half of the Oxygen we breathe to producing at least one-sixth of the animal protein for us to eat, these oceans have done many favors to us. By absorbing extra carbon dioxide from the atmospheres living oceans are minimizing the climate-changing impacts and contain 96-97% of the world’s water too.

How Oceans are being affected?

Marine Conservation is extremely a big scientific problem of today. A range of problems is effecting Oceans negatively and producing nearly irreversible changes to the ecosystem.

  • Pollution
  • Over-fishing
  • Acidification
  • Sedimentation
  • Climate changes
  • Eutrophication (a response of ecosystem towards artificial substances like sewage, detergents, and fertilizers)

Unfortunately, we can see a very narrow picture of these effects like declining dive sites, and less fish and seafood in our plates, but the invisible side of the picture is broader and verse that is difficult to understand right now but its after-effects are horrible.

It’s the time to show strength:

Our marine ecosystem is in jeopardy and seeking our true attention and serious efforts. It is not only about to bring volunteers and make practical efforts to protect the marine ecosystem but it is also about changing our lifestyle in a healthy and eco-friendly manner. Being a businessman, a worker, or a professional in any field does not stop you to be a volunteer of marine conservation. You can also be the part of ”marine conversation mission” by contributing in the following ways:

  • Reduce the use of plastic products and promote using reusable and environmentally friendly products.
  • Reduce energy consumption and reduce the effect of climate change on the oceans by controlling your carbon footprints.
  • Discourage the damage of fragile coral reefs and marine communities by not purchasing items that exploit marine life.
  • Practice responsible for traveling to the Oceans.
  • Save your beaches from pollutants and play your part in cleaning the beachside.
  • Support the volunteers and organizations working to protect our Oceans and marine life.

Volunteer World is the largest platform to compare volunteer abroad programs. We aid you to work as a marine conservation volunteer to save the ocean and marine life. Be a part of us for ocean clean-ups, protect endangered marine life and coral reefs, and conduct research on ocean health and learn more about marine biology.



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