Why You Should Find A Better Alternative to Manual SUP Pump  


The manual pump was the past trend, but today it is nothing more than a worthless investment. The biggest reason behind that is the availability of good quality alternatives. Alternatives to manual sup pump give you high-end features which aren’t available in manual pumps.

Below are the prime reasons you should start searching for a better alternative to a manual sup pump.

Completely Manpower Dependent:

What if you are moving out for sea surfing and you started inflating the board at the seashore? It is a moment of embarrassment as you have come to enjoy surfing, not inflate the board. The right way for this is to bring an inflated sup board. Manual pumps are fully human dependent; hence you require a human to inflate the sup completely.

No Integrated Pressure Gauge:

Proper pressure checking is essential when filing your board, but you don’t get any integrated pressure gauge with the manual pumps. Inflating without a proper pressure meter is similar to eating without a limit, and inflating more or less than prescribed pressure is harmful to your sup board and degrades its lifespan as well. With a manual sup pump, you need to check the pressure using an additional pressure gauge device repetitively.

Not Capable to Deflate Paddle Board:

Inflating and deflating your sup board take significant time. Interestingly that time plays a vital role in deciding how much you can enjoy on the sea. With a manual pump, you have no other option to deflate the board fast and save your time. Instead, you have to put the effort into inflating as well as deflating the board. Manual pumps only have the option to inflate your pump with manual efforts, nothing more or less.


Time is money, but when it comes to sea surfing, everyone prefers saving time for enjoyment. Yet, manual pumps require separate time to inflate your board and make it sea-ready. The time required for board inflation entirely depends upon manpower. Further, the deflating of the sup board is a natural process that also requires significant time. Hence, your predefined time is fixed for inflating and deflating the board, which ruins your enjoyment time.

These are only a few yet considerable points that every sup board owner must consider when finding the right inflator for the SUP. So, what’s the best alternative to a manual paddle pump?

Look no further when you have an electric pump to inflate your stand-up paddleboard. Electric pumps are easily available in the market. However, you must research well to find the right and best fit sup pump for daily usage.

Outdoormaster is a renowned brand that provides top-class inflators for sup board. Apart from the supreme quality sup pump, it also offers other outdoor accessories that make you adventure-ready. So, before finalizing any sup pump, you must definitely check out Outdoormaster and acknowledge its features.

What other factors/points about manual pumps compel you to find their alternative and migrate to electric pumps? Do let us know in the comment box below.




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