5 Tips for Boat Travel with Babies and Toddlers

Boat Travel with Babies

Boating with your little one can be a whole lot of fun but you do need to take some very important precautions first. Practicing these tips for boating safety will ensure that everyone has a great time on the water including your baby.

1. The Best Seat

When you travel in an automobile, you strap your toddler into his or her car seat for maximum safety. Unfortunately there really is no such thing on a boat. That’s why the best seat for your baby is in your lap. Whether you’re just lounging in the back or you’re driving, keeping your baby in your arms is the most ideal way to keep your child safe at all times while cruising on the water.

Your child should also be wearing a lifejacket at all times. Fully buckled. No matter whether you’re moving or stationary.

2. Lifejackets


A simple essential. Everyone on board should have one, particularly your toddler. But finding the proper lifejacket for your baby is a little different than buying one for yourself. That’s because they are built especially to meet the needs of infants, including a special collar designed to support the child’s head and offers a grip to grab the jacket in the event of emergency.

Infant lifejackets are also suited for children who weigh less than 30 pounds and come with U.S. Coast Guard approval. Yacht Charters can provide these lifejackets to customers who need them.

3. All Hands on Deck

The more people on the boat, the better it is to keep your baby safe. If you are holding your baby during the trip but you need to attend to something else, you should always have someone available to hold the baby in your absence. If you have relatives or grandparents cruising with you for the day, there will likely be no shortage of willing volunteers!

4. Protecting Baby from the Sun

You’re taking all these necessary precautions for keeping your baby or toddler safe on the boat, but don’t forget the potential risks from above. That means preventing sunburn and prolonged exposure to intense heat and sun. But if your child is younger than nine months, sunscreen is a bad idea, because their skin is more susceptible to the harsh chemicals.

Instead, make sure the boat has a shady place to sit and if one does not exist, bring a hat for the baby and long-sleeved clothing. Remember to bring fluids to keep your child hydrated on especially warm days. Choose drinks that contain plenty of electrolytes or, for very small infants, take along some extra milk or formula.

5. Toys and Distractions

No matter how much excitement may be going on around your boat, the baby is going to get bored. That’s why you should bring along some toys and other distractions to keep your child fully occupied and smiling all day long. Packing his or her favorite things can be an effective deterrent to any tantrums that might occur.



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