Holiday in Bangkok


Holidays in Thailand are usually about visiting Buddhist temples, Muay Thai training camp, islands and beaches. Many holidays in Thailand usually start with Bangkok for her colorful market place and pleasant weather. Next, is a visit to the golden roofed temples, and the Grand Palace. It is also pleasurable to enjoy some pampering, have some meals from street vendors, and watch some local dancers perform. If you are not a dancer or shopper, you might consider going to watch some Muay Thai boxing before the end of your holiday in Thailand.

There are hundreds of islands in Thailand. There are two most popular for Island holidays for tourists. These are Ko Phi Phi and co. located in the Andaman Sea close to Phuket and Ko Samui and co. located in the gulf of Thailand close to the Ang Thong Marine Park.

Island holiday in Thailand is about luxury, relaxation, warm waters and walking in the sands at the beach. Ko Tao and Ko Samui are the best for this purpose. Ko Tao is good for holiday on a low budget and for people who love snorkeling and diving.

The Andaman Sea Islands on the other side are the ones that resemble giant limestone daggers with flashes of bright green alfalfa jungle at the top which plunge into the seas. These offer the best backdrops for island hopping holidays or sailing in Thailand.

Phuket is yet another popular destination to visit while on holiday in Thailand. It is the busiest hub on the coast. It has some of the amazing nightlife and spectacular beaches such as Patong, Surin, and Katanoi.

The Ko Phi Phi island is one of the most beautiful and popular islands for holiday experience. You can visit Ko Phi Phi Don or the larger island – May Bay. Ko Lanta, Ko Lipe, Ko Lon, and the rocky Krabi are quiet islands which offer a mix of water sports, tropical beach vistas, and local hospitality.

Depending on time constraints, there is also the choice of either staying on one of the islands or hoping from one to another. Wherever you decide to stay, you can decide to factor that into the itinerary for your daily trip during your holiday in Thailand. You can also visit Phang Nga Bay to see Koh Pannyi island and James Bond Island that has its fishing village built over water. A good resort is .

The best time to visit Thailand for holidays is between December and February. Thailand is well blessed all year round as far as the weather goes.

The most expensive time to visit Thailand is November to February. Although the weather is great, the beaches, streets, restaurants, etc are usually full of tourists. The prices for almost all goods and services are inflated during this period.

Holiday with Muay Thai package in Thailand can involve activities such as sailing around the islands, watching Muay Thai training & boxing match, visit to luxury resorts, and discovering new cultures. Whether you go to Bangkok or Phuket, they are always about idyllic beaches and friendly smiles.



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