Costa Rica, Casado, & New Year


With Hustle Hide TV-exploring Costa Rica is a lifelong experience. This travel journey is not about spending years at a place to learn about that area, but it is a way to feel the entire experience spiritually. We visited Costa Rica at the end of December 2019 for a new and fresh start from a place that is peaceful, beautiful and having a blue zone area where nature is the way to live life. Costa Rica’s lifestyle is very different. They are very much in social interactions, family life, and physical hard work and all these factors impact their health positively and we find the Nicoya Peninsula as one of the blue zones in the world.

During our visit to Costa Rica we actually saw people living the proverb ‘Eat to live, don’t live to eat’’. As in other blue zones of the world diet is the main factor of their good health, Costa Rican people are also very much concern for their diet. Limiting their portion is an important way they stay healthy. Lunch is the most important meal of their day. Costa Rican people believe in simple is better and they follow their diet routine strictly. During a drive around the area, we stopped at a local restaurant (Sodas) for lunch and we served there one of the best meals of our life. We enjoyed their fresh pineapple juice with no added sugar and flavors; it was just pineapple straight into the juicer and served to us without any additions. To watch are a memorable experience you can see our vlog.

If you have traveled through Costa Rica, you know it pretty well that in this beautiful country, Casado is a way of local life. In Spanish Casado means marriage and it is a fitting way to describe this dish as it is a marriage of a variety of food heaped together on a plate. The typical dish that offers a variety of tastes over-flowing in a single plate. The bright colors and delicious flavors of the food will have your cravings when you return home. Our authentic Casado plates had a good-sized portion of beans, white rice, and salad. The Casado was also accompanied by corn tortillas and plantain (a tropical and more firm banana that is typically eaten cooked) with some added chicken also.

Stopping at a beach during outing was so calming and refreshing experience. That quite an environment with noisy waves and chirping of sea birds was so detoxifying. Choosing Costa Rica as a place to say goodbye to the hectic and overwhelming year of 2019 was the best decision of our life. It was an opportunity to detaching our selves form fast and busy routine life with no time for self-exploration and spending quality time with nature and inner soul. Taking a break from the urban jungle and losing yourself in one of nature’s miracle places was a preparation for the challenges of the New Year. This visit to Cost Rica helped us all to establish a blueprint of what a truly balanced lifestyle looks like.



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