Traveling to Amsterdam; Here is What You Shouldn’t Miss Out On


Amsterdam is your perfect option for a break away from home with its breathtaking architecture, beautiful scenery, and history to behold. This Dutch Capital built on reclaimed land is a feat of creativity. The city provides you with endless options ranging from sight-seeing, adventurous activities, and even a taste of their best culinary.

While you may face difficulty commuting in other cities, traveling within Amsterdam is one of the nicest experiences. Its well-planned public transportation sector puts it top among cities with the safest and most convenient traveling systems. The options to use while moving around Amsterdam include trains, buses, trams and metros.

Things You Should Try Out in Amsterdam

Amsterdam offers excellent diversity among some of the things you should try out. Regardless of your options, there is always a guarantee for fulfillment. Here are the things you need not leave Amsterdam without doing.

Taking A Bike Ride

If you are keen enough, perhaps you’ve heard stories about bike riding and the Dutch people. The truth is, bike riding is a common sight you’ll experience while in the Dutch Capital. With a significant number of bicycles per person, bike riding is one of the Netherlands’ most significant claim to fame. The activity has earned Amsterdam a title as the bike capital of the world.

To ride a bike in Amsterdam, you’ll only need to rent one. You can sum up your fun by taking a ride around the canals as you enjoy the city’s beautiful offerings.

Don’t Skip the Tram

It’s without a doubt you’ve heard about Amsterdam’s elaborate transport system. Trams are one of the options in this diverse transport sector gracing the streets of Amsterdam. They are an organized form of transportation in the city that allows your movement from one point to the other.

The tranquility and safety experienced in the electricity-run Amsterdam Tram is something you don’t want to miss out on. Traveling in trams will allow you a surreal sight-seeing experience within the city and its environs. Their flexibility and convenience are some of the reasons why you should skip the bus and train in favor of the tram.

Don’t Forget to Pass by The Floating Flower Markets.

You can’t visit Amsterdam and miss the thrill of its flower markets. Bloemenmarkt, the only floating flower market globally, is an outright treasure you need not miss out on while in Amsterdam.

However, this should not be your last stop. If your visit to Amsterdam runs into the spring season, why not make a trip to Keukenhof Gardens. Here you’ll have a perfect experience of how the world’s largest flower garden park looks like.

Go to the Canals

Being a city born out of land reclamation, Amsterdam is heavily tied to water. This has resulted in the city having fascinating canals. These canals guarantee you the best of your city tour from the comfort of a boat.

You can also enjoy personalized tours from the boats aside from the ones scheduled. Missing a canal tour of Amsterdam city is something you don’t want to regret. The tours are exceptionally cheap but all the same adventurous.

Final Thought

Amsterdam has a perfect blend of everything you’ll expect on your vacation tour. From a distinct culture to the various beautiful destinations, it is a place you want to be at any time of the year.



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