How to book the best Tromso Northern Lights Tour in Norway?


James Thomson wrote in Castle of Indolence,

‘’you cannot rob me of free nature’s grace,

You cannot shut the windows of the sky

Through which Aurora shows her brightening face.’’

Northern lights or Aurora borealis are the amazing natural wonders. Scientifically these are the result of collisions between the gaseous particles present in the Earth’s atmosphere and charged particles released by Sun’s atmosphere. Regardless of scientific facts and figures, this colorful dancing light show is the most mesmerizing and breathtaking view anyone can experience in their life. To explore the Arctic and chase the magnificent Northern lights it is essential to know best place to see northern lights.

The Arctic is simply marvelous and it is filled with magic and wonders of nature. Whether it is Fairytale Island, Blaisvatnet lake, and Andoya Island or endless roads of Vesteralen, and Sommaroy Island, nature has spread its treasures in excess here. But, the most astonishing display of nature that words can’t even start to describe is Northern lights. Experiencing the Aurora Borealis is a main bucket list wish for many.

To see Northern lights dazzling in the sky is not always easy and, you need to take a tour to guarantee to witness them. Tromso is one of the best places to see Northern Lights and Polar Cabin provides you wonderful opportunities to observe this Northern lights show in winters. These Northern lights come out to play in winters when it is completely dark. In the case of cloud coverage, it is not possible to see them. In addition to it, the vividness of these lights also depends upon the degree of solar activity. Without a local informative guide, you are never going to know that seemingly white clouds streaking across the sky are the Northern lights over Norway.

Book best TROMSO Northern Lights tour with

Possibly you are a fan of exploring things independently, but for hunting Northern Lights of Tromso, Norway, it is highly advised to take a tour. The Northern lights are so elusive and without knowing the indications possibly you can miss it. You surely need a guide to know where to look in search of this light show.

The seasoned Northern lights hunters of point out the lights for you even when these are impossible to see with naked eyes. The local Norwegian guides take you to the places where there are maximum possibilities of seeing these lights, and you get more chances to experience it. Tour guides also perform the duties of flashlight and help you to get your right camera settings.

Northern lights are a purely natural phenomenon and tours cannot guarantee that you will surely see lights, but does their best to make sure you experience them. They can often drive for miles through the Arctic to get prime spotting locations and clear skies.

This traditional Norwegian cottage offers activities and accommodation in summers and winter in an Arctic landscape at Vagnes near Tromso city center. is born out of passion and for wilderness and nature and they feel honored to show you one of nature’s unrivaled treasures.



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