The Best Way to Save Money on Rental Cars in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands  


You’ve likely noticed when planning your visit to Grand Cayman that the largest island of the three that make up the Cayman Islands is actually a relatively small place.  But don’t let size fool you: A car is necessary to get around the island and see its many spectacular attractions. But don’t worry – it’s easy and economical to rent a car in Grand Cayman without spending a huge chunk of your vacation money.  Here’s how:


  • Book in Advance

Don’t wait until you land in Grand Cayman to book your car – the vehicle you want may not be available – or, it may cost you more than if you had reserved earlier online. By reserving in advance, you can select the vehicle that suits your needs – and your budget – and you won’t be disappointed upon arrival.


  • Pick the Smallest Car That Suits Your Needs

A bigger car, of course, will cost more, and so will filing the gas tank. So make sure you choose the smallest one that fits you and your companions comfortably, but don’t neglect any extra space you might need for luggage, dive equipment, etc. Get a car rental in George Town at the best price.


  • Rent for Longer Period

Most of the Grand Cayman auto rentals offer reduced prices when people book for a longer period of time. Also, prices vary between summer and winter seasons, so check those dates when reserving a rental car.


  • Read the Fuel and Insurance Policies

It is not mandatory to go with the rental company’s fuel and insurance agreements. However, if you choose them, read the terms carefully and do your homework. This includes checking the fuel prices in Grand Cayman versus returning the car with less than a full tank of gas and paying the rental company’s fee for fill up. Also, check with your own vehicle insurance company to determine what coverage, if any, you may need to purchase when renting a car in the Cayman Islands. These two things will help you avoid confusion and ensure peace of mind when renting a car for your trip.


  • Explore Discounts Online

Many rental companies offer discounts on online booking from the website. Go through the website carefully for the discounts and that choose the reservation that saves you the most money.


  • Explore your Options

Check all the available car rental options and compare policies and prices. Choose the one that suits your needs, has competitive prices and offers user-friendly policies.


  • Rent a Car Near the Airport

Rental car companies are within walking distance of the airport – in fact, right across the street! It’s so easy to book online and then, upon arrival, stroll over to the rental car counter, pick up your vehicle and be on your way.


You will be provided with a variety of rental options from compacts and sedans to SUVs and Jeep rentals in the Cayman Islands. By following these tips, you won’t have to spend more than what’s necessary on a rental car, and you can use the savings to enjoy your Cayman vacation.





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