Mountains near Colorado Springs: popular peaks to climb at


The city of Colorado Springs is situated in the heart of the US and is very easily accessible from either side. Besides, Colorado Springs has a picturesque location at the foot of the mountains, being immersed in dense forests. The place is perceived as a resort base due to the mountains and healing air. From East of the city Colorado is surrounded by Great Plains, and from west – by the Rocky Mountains.

In Colorado, fifty-four mountain peaks, the height of which exceeds fourteen thousand feet (4,270 meters), so the US climbers call them “fourteeners”. To get to all the famous ones and have some fun, skiing from the peaks or taking interesting photos, car rental in Colorado Springs airport is the best variant.

The highest point of Colorado is Mount Elbert, which is 4401 meters high. Alongside this, in the western part of the state of Colorado, the Grand Mesa is stretched, the largest (about 1,300 square km) mountain with a flat top in the universe.

The majority of travelers as well as locals choose Colorado Springs to admire the nature. In the immediate vicinity of Colorado Springs, there is Mount Pikes Peak (4302 meters), attracting large number of visitors. It is believed that this is the second mountain in the world after Fuji according to popularity among tourists. To see the most beautiful landscapes you should reach the Cog Railway. It is possible using car rental in Colorado Springs or on foot trails. Any variant is interesting and extreme in its own way. Annually two famous sport events take place on Mount Pikes Peak: racing to the top on different cars on Pikes Peak International Hill Climb and a famous Marathon.

One more special mountain that deserves attention is the Cheyenne Mountain. Apart from being a ski resort and the place of settlement of underground complex NORAD. You can attend the Will Rogers Shrine of the Sun as well as the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo as they are the major places of tourists’ concentration. You can visit both these attractions with a single ticket. One more peculiarity of Cheyenne is the presence of a luxury hotel and the resort complex Broadmoor at its foot, which has more than 100 years of history.

Quite close to the urban districts of Colorado Springs is the legendary “Garden of the Gods” – a real paradise. The main attraction there is the fanciful cliffs of orange color, created for many years by wind erosion. There are many hiking and cycling trails in the park, allowing for an unusual walk among the wonderful geological formations.

Taking a car from Colorado Springs airport, you can move to the Ski Resort “Aspen Mountain”. Numerous tourists will never forget an unforgettable, exciting picture: the majestic Aspen mountain rushes to the clouds directly from the center, while the lower station of the gondola “Silver Quin” is located at the foot of the mountain. For skiers, it is a real pleasure to race along the famous winding trails, which are laid along steep wooded slopes.

However, you must be aware of the fact that Aspen is a thriving ski resort that is considered a luxury and very expensive at the same time. Aspen combines four isolated skiing areas – Aspen Mountain, Aspen Highlands, Buttermilk and Aspen Snowmass. Together they offer 200 km of multi-level routes with a powerful system of lifts, a single ski pass and a free bus.

A fresh air, magnificent nature, snow-covered mountain peaks and lots of attraction will be main constituents of your journey and leave only pleasant emotions!




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