How To Embrace Those Rainy Holidays


So, you’ve packed your bags and checked the weather in your destination. The forecast says the temperature is between 15 and 20 degrees Celsius, and you know it means the sun is up. However, upon touchdown, you’ve noticed that it’s raining – cats and dogs –  heavy enough for you to cancel your pre-booked itineraries. Will you let the rain ruin your entire travel? What can you do to still enjoy your trip behind the ‘unexpected’ change of the weather? Here are some necessities to remember when you encounter rain on your travels.

Purchase Waterproof Attire

Upon retrieving your luggage in the baggage claim counter, head directly to a shop at the airport and get yourself an umbrella or a pocket-size raincoat. And yes, do not forget a pair of slippers, too. These are the essentials when travelling on a rainy season. If shops at the airport don’t provide the items you need, then allocate time for visiting the nearest shop after you have secured your luggage at the hotel.

Dare To Leave Your Room

Except for business travels, some people just prefer to stay at their hotel room after check-in when it is raining. Do not be like these people! Remember, you have planned and saved for this holiday for months; do not let the rain stop you from discovering great places and activities your destination offers. Scotland is a prime example of this. The weather is so temperamental that it may be worth enquiring about car hire in Edinburgh, so you can hop from village to village comfortably.

Embrace The Adventure

It does not mean that it’s raining in one place then it is raining in the rest of the country. Make use of your gadgets and look for places that are still sunny; somewhere that is just a few miles away from where you currently are. Examples of these places are falls, nature parks, and zoos. Keep in mind that nature does not conceal its beauty when raining.

Meet New People

Of course, most bars have roofs, so they can keep you dry even when it is raining heavily outside; unless you prefer to party in the rooftop? You are in a new place, so take time to meet new people. Enjoy your holiday, but always know your limits. After all, you are travelling because you want to have fun.

Remember To Make Memories

A wise quote goes, “Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass. It is about learning to dance in the rain.” This is true even if you read between the lines or take the quote literally. Guess there’s no explaining needed for this last tip. It’s plain and simple! Even when the sun is hiding during your travel, still do enjoyable and worthwhile things.

True enough, life is full of uncertainties. However, not because it’s raining outside then you have to hide inside your hotel room during your holiday. Remember, life is too short to be alone and sleep all day, especially when you’re in other parts of the world.



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