European Road Trips: How to Save Money on Car Rental, Insurance & Parking. Introduction


A European road trip offer one of the ultimate travel ventures. The experience include enjoying and exploring the most contrasting cultures and taking epic mountainous views. No doubt Europe is the ultimate destination for road trips and requires proper planning in advance to make your stay worthwhile.

Most people focus only on fetching the low priced air ticket forgetting that they can get the cheapest deals on car hire too.  Renting a comfortable car is not out of the question, it gets you convenience and freedom to explore the region with no limit. Car rental does not have to be an expensive affair, start early by shopping around and comparing prices offered. If you are working on a low budget read along to get the tips you desperately need.

Avoid Airport Rental Companies

Airport rentals are convenient as they are available as you alight from the plane and most people prefer such conveniences. However, airport rentals are usually expensive as compared to the rentals companies outside the airport. The convenience of parking at the airport is an expensive venture.

Early reservation for a car prior to travel date is enough to make arrangement with the rental car companies to get the car at your pick point. You can opt to check into a hotel that offer car rental services or use a taxi services for your movement from the airport.

Watch out for the hidden charges

When making reservations, car hire companies tend to hide some extra charges only to request such payments at the pickup desk. The deal may be attractive but in the increases the cost of hire and may blow your budget out of the proportion. Ensure that charges such as taxes and other fees are well stipulated before making your payment.

Size and Type of the car

The car size and type plays an important role in the car rental charges. Big cars are expensive as compared to the small cars. Before consider the size put into consideration the amount of luggage and number of people accompanying you. Wrong decisions may cost you an upgrade fee in case you may need a bigger car.

Get the right Insurance Cover

After getting the right car for your trip it’s important to inquire from your insurance provider whether your local cover includes international travel. If not then it is wise to shop around for the most affordable insurance covers. However, the car rental companies usually offer insurance cover at the reception desk. This is an additional expense and will be included in the car hire price. Avoid such insurance covers since they do not provide a comprehensive cover in case of accidents and damages to the rental car. The agents may persuade you to take a car hire excess insurance in addition to the insurance covers obtained from their pick up point.

Car hire excess insurance is the insurance cover that is meant to insure you against or rather reimburse you the excess that you may be required to pay in case of damage to the car. Other covers limited sections of the vehicle leaving out the tires, beneath the car and windscreen. Such additional insurance cost are unnecessary since comprehensive insurance covers from third parties are cheaper and offer wider coverage.

It is important to also note that international car rental insurance terms and condition vary from one country to another in Europe, so an early research on your destination is prudent. Taking an international car rental insurance from a provider that has services in almost every country is recommended.

Review the car

Before signing the contract with the agency, ensure you have picked a car that is in good condition. Document every detail to avoid being charged for scratches or damages that were there before picking the car. Ensure the tank is full as they will require you to return the car with a full tank. There is an extra cost if the car hire agency fuels for you. A car fitted with GPS is preferred especially if you are visiting Europe for the first time.

Be well versed with all the road user rules and carry your international driver’s license to avoid getting in trouble with authorities. Enjoy Europe road trips with a limited budget.



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