5 tips to choose a Good Hydration backpack


As soon as we start making longer outings, it becomes almost essential to carry a hydration backpack, in which, we can carry everything we need to be self-sufficient. But as almost always that we are going to buy some accessory for our bike, there is usually so much variety of models that it is difficult to choose. That is why we are going to give you some tips so that you know that you have to look to choose well.

What do I have to keep in mind to choose my hydration backpack?

1.     Size and carrying capacity of the backpack and Watch out for the liters

It is the first thing we have to ask ourselves before buying a backpack. What am I going to use it for, how many things do I plan to take in it? For example, if you are going to use it only as an additional water tank, you can choose a small backpack that weighs as little as possible (1.5-3L). But if you want it to bring additional clothes, tools, first aid kit, etc. you will have to look for one with more capacity (from 5L).

Now, we are going to explain to you something in which people tend to get confused. The carrying capacity of a backpack is measured in liters, and refers to the maximum volume of the backpack. The larger the backpack, the more liters of volume it will have. But those liters have nothing to do with your hydration reservoir. For example, a 6-liter backpack can have a 2-liter hydration tank, or directly have no tank. So when you read the specifications of a backpack, be sure if the liters refer to the total volume of the backpack or just the hydration tank.

2.     Setting

A backpack that moves constantly when we ride a bike is a real nuisance and can cause chafing and other problems. That is why you have to pay attention that at least the handles can be adjusted and it has fasteners on the chest and waist. An important detail is that the chest adjustment can be adjusted up and down.

Some backpacks come in sizes, which should be paid before deciding which one is best for us.

4. Number of pockets

It is important that our backpack has at least one section only for the hydration bag, in this way we will get easy access to it and it will not move. In addition, it is recommended that you have additional pockets in which we can distribute our luggage depending on the usefulness of it. For example, it is very useful that there is a small pocket for storing keys and documentation and a large one where we can put volume things like warm clothes. Some backpacks include pockets on the front of the handles. These pockets are very practical for storing gels and bars and to access them quickly without having to take it off.

5. Check if it is waterproof

Few people notice this until they need it. If you are going to buy your backpack at a time when it does not rain, surely you do not notice if you need a raincoat or not, but it is something you should consider. Remember that what you carry in your backpack can get wet with the rain and even by the sweat itself that is transmitted from the back.

So we recommend that you choose one that at least has a waterproof compartment and the material that you do not want to get wet keep it in plastic bags before putting it in the backpack.



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