Choosing The Best Thigh Slimming Shapewear


As autumn starts to peek over the horizon we find ourselves once again having to ditch those lovely floaty summer dresses in favor of skinny jeans and sweaters. Unfortunately, for most of us, this puts the need for slim thighs high on the list of desirables. Whatever your shape, the inner thigh area seems to be an extremely hard area for women to target and keep toned which puts the need for thigh-slimming shapewear, and generally finding the best shapewear for your body shape high on the list of priorities.

What are the Options?

When considering human anatomy you will find that our thighs and hips are very much interlinked. Therefore the best shapewear garments to target the thighs should begin at the waist. At Elle Courbee we have a variety of flexible and comfortable shapewear products for all occasions to suit a wide range of budgets.

Shaping Skirts

Obviously not suitable for skinny jeans, shaping skirts are ideal for shaping the body to fit into those slinky evening gowns or formal dress wear. Designed to smoothly follow the line of your dress it provides the right amount of support for a clean and structured silhouette. You can choose the height at which support begins depending on the design of your gown. Some shapewear is designed to fit on the waist while others start under the bust that offers some tummy control too. So it is important to choose your shapewear according to the cut of your garment and what makes you feel most comfortable.

Shaping Shorts

Shaping shorts are great for that irresistible skinny-jean look or for tight-fitting trousers with a close-cut. As mentioned before, thigh shaping begins from the waist which is why shaping shorts are designed to fit perfectly along the waistband of the jeans. This takes care of concerns about flashing shapewear as it offers a measure of tummy control without showing above the waist.

Control or Long Leg Girdle

This shapewear style works perfectly with clingy dresses as well as under pantsuits. They provide an uninterrupted silhouette that flows from bust to thigh while offering freedom of movement. This type of shapewear is designed to anchor high up on the torso for waist definition and enhanced tummy control.

Tips to Decide

This is really where you consider important things to think about when choosing shapewear. When you take the time to consider your priorities it will be easy to identify the right piece of shapewear for your specific requirements. The key is to have a clear indication of what type of outfit will be worn on top. This will determine where you want your shaping to begin and where you don’t want the shapewear to show. Having these two things clearly in mind should be enough to help you get started. The next thing to consider is comfort as this is really vitally important.


Whether you are choosing slimming shapewear to be worn under skinny jeans, a fishtail gown, or a pantsuit, you will most likely want a tight-fit look. Visible seams from your shapewear is a definite no-no for this look and therefore you should make sure that you choose seamless shapewear.


When choosing shapewear it is vital to consider the length compared to the cut of the garment you will be wearing. For example, with a split-side dress, you don’t want your shaping skirt or shorts to be visible. Similarly, you don’t want your shapewear to be visible above your waist when wearing a dress or top with a very low back.


To choose the correct fit study the size guide. To avoid lumps and bumps from showing it is extremely important to choose the correct size that is not too tight. Quality slimming shapewear suppliers will not deceive you when it comes to sizing. At Elle Courbee we are passionate about quality and fit which is why we only supply the best shapewear garments with a comprehensive returns policy to ensure our clients are completely satisfied.

Thigh Gap

Just to be clear, a thigh gap is total fiction! Don’t be deceived into searching for shapewear that promises a thigh gap as it is as mythical as finding a unicorn. Remember that quality shapewear promises to provide a smooth, uninterrupted silhouette which is far more desirable than falling for an overhyped media fad.

So, whether you just love wearing skinny jeans all year round, are in the process of breaking out your autumn fashion staples, or glamming up for a special evening out, with the right shapewear you can ensure that you are comfortably supported in your choice of style. Ultimately it all comes down to confidence and comfort. Although the differences between shapewear options may seem subtle, when you take the time to consider the key factors described above, it will be easy for you to find the perfect shapewear for you.



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