Ossuccio and Varenna: two beautiful places on Lake Como


Ifyouhavelittle time to spend on Lake Como, knowthatthere are two beautiful placesthatyoushouldnever miss. Let’s talk about Ossuccio and Varenna, sincethey are oftencountedamong the best places in this beautiful landscape. Remember, however, to find an ad hoc accommodation for your stay on Lake Como. Like the complex of villas for rentbelonging to Lettings Lake Como Villas.

They are wonderful, independentstructures, locatedalong the best places on the lake, for a sensational stay on site to say the least.

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Ossuccioislocatedabout 45 minutes by car from Como but can also be reached by boat. Here thereis a beautiful Romanesquechurch from whichtwoexcursionssuitable for childrenusually start: the first is the climb to the Sanctuary of the Madonna del Soccorso whichislocated on the Sacromontewhile the secondis a trip to the Comacina Island, the onlyisland in the middle of the lake.

Going up to the Sanctuarymeansseeing a magnificent panorama of the lake and the climb – easy and lastinglessthan an hour on foot – takesplace in the middle of nature admiring the votive chapelsalong the path with life-sizestatues. At the top thereis the possibility of having a picnic or stopping to eatat the restaurant. Comacina Island, on the otherhand, hasitsownreason. Sheis the lady of the lake and isone of the mostimportantarchaeologicalareas in NorthernItaly. Here you can walk on footwithoutproblems.


Varenna islocated on the otherbranch of Lake Como, to be clearthat of Lecco and in my opinion, despitebeingmuchlessfamousthan Bellagio, itisalsovery beautiful and romantic. In Varenna youcannot miss Villa Monastero, an ancient residence – formermonastery – where Enrico Fermi lectured. The interiors of the villa are beautifullyfurnishedbutitiscertainly the gardensthatimpressvisitors: the walkbetweenflowers and plants of allkindsisapproximatelytwokilometers long and beautiful in practicallyallseasons! Here thereis a pathalong the lake to follow.

Along the way there are bars, icecreamparlors and restaurants, from the Villa itreaches the landing stage wherethereisalso a small playground for children. You can alsogethere by taking the boat. The experiencewill be one of a kind!



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